Quick update. Went to the hospital today for the first chat with a consultant since having the op. It’s been about a month since the accident and after a fresh bunch of x-rays the verdict was that it’s healing very well and quickly and that I shouldn’t have any problems. The doc  hazarded guesses (although he made it clear they were estimates) at a month to be off crutches and apparently I should be able to run on the leg by April/May.

A great relief! I had been worried about the coming field trip in the Alps that I’m meant to be doing over the Summer and whether I would be fit to go but with this news I figure I’ll be able to make it even if I’m not running up hills as fast as everybody else. Ditching the Alp field class would also have meant trying to find 20 credits from somewhere for my degree which would have been a challenge!

Some people have been asking if the nail is going to be removed at all and when I asked about this is turns out that it won’t be. Apparently on the continent in some places they still do prefer to remove metalwork but elsewhere the paradigm is shifting towards leaving ironmongery in. Apparently the risks associated with removal, while still low, are higher than those that accompany leaving the nail in place. Even high risk groups such as the SAS and military forces where injuries are common are opting to leave the implant in. This was all nice and reassuring.