I find myself back in Leeds at the end of the Easter holidays. The sun is out and everyone is either in the park or at Caley pulling down on rock furiously.

I’m at home writing an essay. Or trying to write an essay. I had to draw the blind to stop myself staring out at the blue skies. It’s maddening that every academic year the busiest time is always the time when conditions are really good and the last thing you want to be thinking about is work.

I did go climbing once during Easter. I walked up to Pex Hill and started traversing yet felt incredibly weak. I found myself getting tired easily and the technical nature of the footwork that once came so easily felt unfamiliar as my feet scrabbled over ripples that would once have been solid foot placements. I ended up not staying for very long. It was cold and overcast and there was nobody there who I really know.

I hope my leg improves fast. The enormous motivation that I once had for climbing is waning and it seems like it will never return to its full stature. I can only hope that when I am A1 again, the weather is nice and thousands of words are not pressing on my time I will feel young and invigorated once more but until then life is fairly monotonous and though I am always happy I feel lacklustre and without that spark that climbing always provided.

I’ve got a cracking score on Geo Challenge though.